Terms and conditions of sale


Terms and conditions of sale


Limits to the use of the site


Before purchasing a product on our website, it is necessary to read and understand the following points:


1. Price List


The prices published in our catalog are inclusive of VAT and may be subject to change at any time without notice.


2. Photos of the Products in the Catalog


All the products displayed in our catalog are made and packaged in our shop only shortly before delivery, with fresh and quality flowers. Each floral tribute (bouquets, bouquets of flowers, flower baskets) is the result of personal expression and creativity. In some cases the final product may differ slightly from that shown in the catalog, this is due to the temporary unavailability of the requested flowers, in which case the executing florist is authorized to replace them with others similar to those desired, and always of a value corresponding to the amount paid by the customer. For this reason, the images in our catalog are for illustrative purposes only. In the same terms, substitution is also permitted for products within the Online "Gadget" Catalog. The photos of the products in the catalog do not include vases and other accessories, unless expressly specified in the description of the product itself. The photos always refer to the description included in the product. In cases where the customer chooses a specific flower and this is an indispensable condition for delivery, please contact our Customer Service before purchasing to be sure of the availability of the product, otherwise the customer tacitly accepts a possible replacement if necessary.


3. Data for delivery


It is important for the purpose of delivery that all the required data are provided correctly. When completing the order it is mandatory: City of destination, Address (street, square, wide, etc. etc.) complete with house number, the reference zip code (postal code), the recipient's Name and Surname, Telephone number, In absence of one or some missing or incorrectly transcribed data www.fiori-roma.it does not assume responsibility for non-delivery and the order will be considered regularly executed. Some examples of errors: Wrong address, wrong telephone number, telephone number of the customer instead of the recipient, the wrong house number, name and surname on the non-existent intercom www.fiori-roma.it assumes no responsibility for non-delivery. In case of problems in the event of the absence of the recipient, in the first delivery attempt www.fiori-roma.it will try to contact both the Recipient and the Client to agree on the delivery method, possibly leaving the flowers to a neighbor, in case a second delivery the customer must pay the amount of € 10.00 for the second delivery, in case of unavailability of the recipient and / or the customer, Fiori-roma.it assumes no responsibility for non-delivery for which the order will be considered correctly fulfilled. However, the floral gift will be available to the recipient or the client within 24 hours of delivery if they wish to collect it at our shop. The delivery of flowers will be considered duly carried out if the recipient refuses to accept them for his personal reasons. In the execution of the order, Fiori-Roma will be able to contact the recipient before delivering this because perhaps the destination is far from the sales shop or because the delivery organization requires it.


4. Date and Time of Delivery


All floral gifts will be delivered on the date indicated when completing the order, with particular attention to the "Morning / Afternoon" band chosen. However, the latter are not binding but are the expression of a preference.


5. Date and Time of Delivery of the Funeral Section


For the products listed in the "FUNEBRE" section, the delivery time will be respected at no additional cost for the customer. www.fiori-roma.it informs customers who request the delivery of Funeral Gifts within hospitals or churches, the delivery will be considered correctly carried out when the product is deposited inside the church or to the staff present in the hospital facilities. If www.fiori-roma.it cannot provide a signed receipt due to the absence of persons or relatives of the deceased at the time of delivery, complaints and refund requests cannot be accepted in any way. With reference to gifts for funeral occasions, www.fiori-roma.it informs customers that by request, Funeral Bands containing the names and text requested by the sender may be affixed.


6. Additional gadget gifts


All the additional gadgets are chosen from the best brands on the market at the time of delivery. If the requested item is not available, the chosen gadget will be automatically replaced with a similar one, of the same amount or greater than the purchase value. As a consequence of force majeure due to the unavailability of the gadgets, in this case the executing florist is authorized to provide for the implementation of the flowers until the corresponding amount paid by the customer is reached.


7. Place of delivery other than a private home


If the place of delivery is different from a private home, it is necessary to consider:


to. Office: it is necessary to specify the working hours in the notes, otherwise the delivery will be made in compliance with the choice made "Morning and / or Afternoon". If the office is already closed upon arrival of the florist, delivery will be postponed to the next working day.


b. Hospital: it is necessary to specify the name and surname of the patient's registration, the department and the room number, if you do not have such data, a telephone number of the person receiving the flowers will be essential and the delivery will be made by telephone agreement with the recipient.


c. Hotel: you must provide the name and surname with which the guest is registered and the hotel room number. Normally we are not granted access to the recipient's room, but it is customary to leave them at the reception and it will be the hotel staff's responsibility to send them to the person concerned. The reception stamp will be valid.


d. For deliveries to be made on board ships, tourist villages residences, nursing and retirement homes, institutes, business complexes, restaurants, private clubs, public and entertainment venues, and in general in all places where delivery is not permitted the floral gift directly to the recipient, but the gift itself must be left in delivery to the staff, the delivery will be considered regularly carried out with the signature, by the staff themselves, of the relative receipt. Deliveries to Ports, Airports and camps are not guaranteed unless after direct contact with our call center.


is. In places other than private homes, all deliveries will be made in compliance with the regulations and the constraints of the structure in which the recipient is located. Refunds for the order cannot be requested if delivery is not successful due to rules and constraints imposed by the structure itself (for example, Embassies - Theaters - Hospitals - residences for the elderly, etc. etc.).


9. Special Occasions and Local Holidays


On the occasion of holidays and special occasions, it is advisable to place orders a few days in advance in order to organize an adequate service. The delivery time is not guaranteed, in principle everything possible will be done to respect the customer's request (Morning-Afternoon), but the time itself, even if indicated, will not be binding. No refund requests can be made in the event of unsatisfied specific time requests, although we point out that our team will do everything possible to satisfy the customer's request.


Valentine's Day (February 14): Our advice is to place the order at least 2/3 days in advance, all orders received with delivery date February 14 will be processed throughout the day without constraints and / or obligations of time. Instant messages will alert customers about the possibility of accepting last-minute orders.


Women's Day (March 8): Our advice is to place the order at least 2/3 days in advance in any case all orders received with delivery date March 8 will be processed throughout the day without constraints and / or time obligations. For orders received at the last moment, delivery could take place on the first working day following the date of 08/03. Instant messages will alert customers about the possibility of accepting last-minute orders.


Mother's Day: Our advice is to always place the order at least 2/3 days in advance because Mother's Day always occurs on the second Sunday of May and the delivery due to the amount of orders received, in some rare cases could be brought forward to Saturday evening or postponed to Monday. Instant messages will alert customers about the possibility of accepting last-minute orders.


Christmas and New Year: Our advice is to place the order at least 2/3 days before December 25th and January 1st, in order to organize the delivery in time, in any case our staff will do everything to respect the requested date, all deliveries will be made throughout the day without time constraints. Instant messages will alert customers about the possibility of accepting last-minute orders.


Local holidays: In the event that the selected delivery date coincides with a local holiday in Rome, in this case the order will be executed on the next working day. In any case, our staff will do everything to respect the requested date or will promptly notify the client.


10. Order cancellation


The order is acquired by our system and automatically forwarded to our shop, however you can cancel an order one day before the delivery date by telephone contacting 393 96 98993. For daily orders (today for today) it will not be possible to cancel the order if the order if it has already been placed in the state under processing and packaged. The order will be placed in the delivered condition and the customer will not be entitled to any refund, Fiori-Roma however undertakes with its customers to always find solutions, evaluating each request individually.


The order canceled at the request of the customer if it falls within our conditions of sale will be reimbursed withholding the administrative costs of € 10.00. In the event that the order has already been prepared and packaged (once the flowers have been cut) it will no longer be possible to cancel the order. www.fiori-roma.it however is committed with its customers to always find solutions, evaluating each request individually.


Double order: All orders are received on our site and are managed by various operators, if you have placed a double order you must promptly report it by phone 393 969 8993 and provided it has not yet been managed you can request a refund of one of the two orders. Otherwise, both orders will be delivered, without www.fiori-roma.it being held responsible for the error.


11. Supplement request


The prices displayed on our online catalog include VAT and are valid for any location. However, in some cases it may happen that the requested delivery is in remote and difficult to reach places or temporarily unreachable due to natural events. In the cases listed, which are rare but possible, our customer service may require integration in order to successfully complete the delivery.


Our call center will notify the customer of the problem encountered and if you do not agree to pay the supplement which will vary according to the destination, the order will be immediately refunded, withholding only the administrative costs of 10.00 euros.


12. Cases in which www.fiori-roma.it is not held responsible


to. www.fiori-roma.it is not held responsible in the event of poor conservation of the flowers if delivery is delayed due to the unavailability of the recipient or the address provided is incorrect.


b.www.fiori-roma.it is not held responsible for non-delivery due to adverse weather conditions such as to block the normal circulation of vehicles, so delivery can be postponed to the following days, pending that they allow it.


c.www.fiori-roma.it is not held responsible if it is impossible to deliver due to the incorrect address, or the house number is wrong, or the surname on the intercoms is not present and the telephone is unreachable. If requested by the customer, it can be agreed to proceed with a new delivery by paying a supplement of € 10.00.


d.www.fiori-roma.it is not held responsible if the recipient is not present at the address provided or the recipient does not answer the phone and the customer is not reachable or is unable to provide more information.


www.fiori-roma.it in cases c) and d) the flowers and any gadgets will return to our shop and can be collected by the recipient within 24 working hours. In the event of a request for a new delivery by the customer or the recipient, this will be possible upon payment of the cost of a new delivery of € 10.00, as only one delivery attempt is included in the prices of the products; in some cases, at our discretion, multiple attempts may be made.


13. Complaints


In the event of complaints, they may be brought to the attention of www.fiori-roma.it via email complete with order number, reasons and photographic documentation of the product received, no later than 2 days from the delivery date. The photos must reproduce the floral tribute in an integral way, as delivered and listing the reasons that generated the complaint. Complaints received by telephone cannot be handled by our customer service unless followed by an email info[at]fiori-roma.it as previously specified, only in this case www.fiori-roma.it will be able to evaluate the requests made or complaints, and provide a prompt response.


www.fiori-roma.it does not accept complaints if the recipient refuses to receive the floral gift for his personal reasons. The delivery will be considered to have been regularly carried out without any right of refund.


14. Data processing (Privacy law L. 675/96 and following)


www.fiori-roma.it has always guaranteed the confidentiality of its customers' personal data. The personal data entered in our purchase form are necessary for the delivery of the goods and for the order confirmation to the customer. Personal data could also be used to make contact with the customer. In no case will they be disclosed to third parties.At the end of an order that requires payment by credit card, personal data will be used only and only for the purposes required by the Banca Sella - Pay Pal - MyBank gateway to allow the payment transaction, nothing is recorded or collected by us.


Protection of personal data


In the execution of this contract, www.fiori-roma.it undertakes to fully comply with the existing legislation on privacy Law 675/96 and following.


The Customer expressly allows www.fiori-roma.it to collect and use the data for purposes related to the execution of the order. We also inform you that in the event that consent is given in this regard, the data may also be processed for the purpose of providing information by sending commercial e-mails on new products, initiatives, events, promotional discounts or the launch of new products. Adherence to this processing method is optional.


The Customer also declares to be informed that the data provided with his consent are entered in the customer database www.fiori-roma.it

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