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Flowers for Wedding Anniversary in Rome

Anniversaries are recurrences to be celebrated because they celebrate the recurrence of an event that occurred on the same day in past years. Giving flowers for the anniversary is a popular tradition in Rome. We all have an important date to remember, be it the anniversary of engagement, wedding, or a special occasion, in all these cases we use to make gifts to celebrate this day. We at Fiori-Roma know it well, every day our customers come into the shop to buy flowers or an orchid plant to give as gifts to the anniversary. In our sales experience we have found that the best-selling flowers are bouquets especially of red roses for the wedding anniversary, or mixed flowers for the anniversary of a friend, a single rose between boyfriends, the anniversary for the opening a news business. If you too have a special occasion to celebrate and don't have time to shop to make it easier, Fiori-Roma offers you to visit our site under choose by occasion and you can choose your gift from over 65 products. Surely the best way to celebrate your Anniversary is to give her some flowers, order now and you can receive them today with our home delivery service.

Which Flowers to Give for a Birthday in Rome

Do you want to know which are the best-selling flowers for a birthday?

To determine which flowers to give, you need to make a distinction between the various birthdays, for example there is the birthday of the Mother, the Wife, the Friend, the Girlfriend, the Daughter, aged 18. Each birthday has flowers in common but with a diversity depending on the person who receives them. Certainly for the wife's birthday red roses are the most purchased, for the mother's birthday you can give a bundle of roses in various colors, red, pink, yellow, depending on her preference. To celebrate the birthday of your best friend, send her flowers, red roses are the least suitable, usually the best sellers are bouquets in various shades. While for your girlfriend's birthday you can certainly think of giving her a bundle of roses of the color that you know she will like. For the 18 years of a daughter, her parents use to give her red flowers that are red rose tulips or anthuriums to tell her all their love with the flowers. Yellow roses indicate jealousy so care must be taken when giving them. As you can see, the panorama is wide and making a statistic on which flowers to give on a birthday is difficult, in our sales experience we can certainly put Red Roses first, followed by Bouquets of various colors and orchid plants. Every day Fiori Roma delivers the products chosen by our customers to home throughout Rome to celebrate the birthday of loved ones! Buy now on our site and today you can get your flowers back!

What flowers are sent for a Mourning in Rome?


The loss of a loved one is always a painful event, Fiori-Roma has dedicated a special section of the site to these unexpected events. By visiting our page under Sympathy you will find all the products in the catalog, to be delivered even today throughout Rome. Do you want to know which flowers are usually sent for a sudden bereavement? If the deceased person is a relative and / or a friend, it is customary in Rome to send a Mourning Pillow to express one's closeness to the family. In the case of closest family members, you can choose between the various options: a heart of white flowers if the person was very young, a heart of red roses if the deceased is a father, a wife, a sister, or in Rome it is customary that family members prefer a coffin cover usually made of red roses. You will find here all the mourning flowers that are usually best sold in Rome!

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