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Fiori-Roma has a highly qualified team to organize your wedding in Rome. Sardone Paola our Floral Designer with her professionalism and extraordinary expertise in the wedding sector will be able to organize and personalize your wedding in Rome to make it a truly unique and special day! Thanks to our countless collaborations with the best Wedding Planners of the Capital and the most renowned Catering in Rome, we have created fantastic compositions setting up the most beautiful churches in Rome, creating each time a personalized floral arrangement in the church, decorative centerpieces in the most popular villas in Rome, personally taking care of the preparation of the villa for the reception and the mise en place. In Rome in recent years the Outdoor Wedding is very popular and countless spouses have chosen to celebrate their Civil Wedding in prestigious villas, in particular they asked us to organize the wedding in Rome, to take care of the floral decorations for the outdoor ceremony, the compositions for the buffet and the reception, providing the organization of the wedding in Rome by offering our creativity and our experience in the wedding sector in Rome. The capital with over 2000 years of history has been defined the Eternal City is the richest in museums of various kinds, artistic, archaeological and religious, but it is also a city full of romanticism. Rome has many churches, over 900, all one more beautiful than the other. To make this day truly special it is important to choose where to get married in Rome, and to choose the best wedding organization, everything must be planned down to the smallest detail, so even the choice of the church will fall on the one you like best and once booked, it's time to decide on the floral arrangement for the church, here our wedding organization in Rome comes into play, at this juncture our Floral designer Paola Sardone will help you with her experience gained in wedding in Rome, see some of her works on read reviews, or follow her on Facebook.


Rome is one of the favorite destinations for newlyweds from all over the world. Are you looking for the right church to celebrate your wedding to get married in Rome? Here is a list where I have personally selected the 20 most sought after churches in Rome for weddings! Making the list with only 20 of the most beautiful churches in Rome was a really hard job. Obviously, the choice will fall on the one that convinces you the most and you like the most for the style and decorations, each choice is subjective, and the ones I point out to you are the most beautiful where my Floral Designer works are highlighted and from my Floral Arrangements in the most beautiful churches of Rome. In the ranking I took into account their popularity and I followed the statistics of the spouses, based on their choices. Thousands of weddings are celebrated every year in Rome, and some churches over time have been more successful than all the others. After having told you at least in part everything about the wedding, follow me to find out which are the most sought after and the most famous churches in Rome to celebrate your wedding!

  1. San Pietro in Montorio it is located in one of the most evocative places in Rome, the Janiculum with the Tempio del Bramante which acts as a frame.                                          
  2. Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo al Celio - Many artists got married in this location, it is nicknamed the church of the chandeliers.
  3. Santa maria in Ara Coeli Many VIPs got married here including Totti and Ilary Blasi, it is located near the splendid Piazza del Campidoglio.
  4. Basilica di Santa Francesca Romana is located between the Colosseum and the Temple of Venus, in perfect Romanesque style, a fantastic location
  5. Basilica Basilica di Santa Cecilia this imposing basilica stands out among the alleys of trastevere, it can accommodate many guests, the interiors are well cared for.
  6. Mausoleo di Santa Costanza The peculiarity of this church is its circular shape, it is a church of about 350 AD, the guests are arranged in a circle.
  7. San Giorgio al Velabro located in Rione Ripa, behind the four-faced arch known as di Giano, the location for a dream wedding is beautiful.
  8. Basilica di Santa Sofia it is a Ukrainian church called a church with gold domes, the interiors are very decorated with mosaics. Religious and Orthodox rite.
  9. Basilica San Nicola in Carcere is located in the ancient area of the ancient Foro Olitorio the legume market and was built over the Temple of Juno Sospita.
  10. Basilica di Santa Prassede it is also known as the Sistine Chapel of the mosaics, with spectacular interiors full of history, guests can take a tour of faith.
  11. Oratorio di sant’Andrea al Celio church of a unique intimacy, not very large but has frescoes respectively by Reni and Domenichino.
  12. Sant’Agata dei Goti in the four-sided portico there is a 16th century well with the inscription semper and a Medici coat of arms, beautiful interiors and flooring
  13. Chiesa di San Sebastiano al Palatino  it is necessary to pass next to the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums to reach the church, a fabulous location to get married.
  14. San Bonaventura al Palatino as above the path to the church is breathtaking, the location fabulous, the church is not very large but it is worth it.
  15. Basilica dei Santi Bonifacio e Alessio built on the Aventine, it is one of the most beautiful and has a large courtyard, and from the outside a wonderful view of Rome.
  16. Chiesa di Sant'Anselmo all'Aventino are 3 churches on the Aventine, all beautiful and you are spoiled for choice, each has different characteristics, an excellent choice for wedding
  17. Basilica di Santa Sabina all'Aventino splendid and luminous it is famous for the legend of the stone between the devil and the Saint Dominic of Guzman.
  18. Basilica di Santa Maria in Domnica alla Navicella for the Romans it is Santa Maria in navicella for the fountain in front, it contains one of the most beautiful mosaics in Rome
  19. Basilica di San Sebastiano Fuori le Mura in via Appia Antica 136 one of the seven churches visited by pilgrims on the occasion of the Jubilee until 2000
  20. Chiesa Sant’Andrea al Quirinale Defined by many as the pearl of the Baroque, Gian Lorenzo Bernini has made a masterpiece, the floor and the interiors are splendid.


More and more couples are looking for the best prestigious location to get married in Rome. Surely the capital of Italy is one of the most beautiful in the world and getting married here will be the realization of a dream. In Rome there are over 2000 locations including villas, palaces, and historic homes, ready to welcome you, you are spoiled for choice. The locations located in the historic center, offer splendid views of the Eternal City, you will be surrounded by wonderful historical monuments: from the Colosseum, from the ancient Roman ruins of the Imperial Forums, to St. Peter's Basilica to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, you can also admire in one unique setting Piazza Navona, the splendid Trevi Fountain, the famous Spanish Steps. But also a few kilometers from Rome in the southern part, there are countless villas and many are located in the Castelli Romani, towards Grottaferrata there is the Villa Monte d'Oro with magnificent rooms and particular decorations set up with our floral compositions and our centerpieces, always in Grottaferrata there is the Vecchio Borgo a complex that offers numerous outdoor spaces, embellished by our truly unique centerpieces, towards Marino we find Villa Appia Eventi a perfect setting for a fairytale event and in Castel Gandolfo Villa Pocci with its wonderful views. In the northern part of Rome there are fantastic villas suitable for weddings, surrounded by splendid natural landscapes, most of the villas are equipped with swimming pools and surrounded by parks usually embellished with exclusive furnishings such as Borgo della Merluzza with its enchanting exteriors and the interiors furnished with taste, we have set up this location several times with wonderful table centers and floral compositions. In short, if you are looking for a top location for weddings in Rome, I can help you make sure that everything is perfect for your wedding day, from centerpieces to floral arrangements, here is a list of the most prestigious villas in Rome that I have had the pleasure of set up for weddings.

List of the most prestigious villas, palaces and historical residences in Rome for weddings

  1. Appia Antica Club,In the splendid setting of Imperial Rome located on the Via Appia Antica, it can accommodate up to 300 people inside and 400 outside, a buffet embellished with our centerpieces
  2. Antico Melograno,Located in the center of the Antica Regina Viarum, today's Appia Antica has large outdoor spaces and very beautiful and elegant interior rooms embellished with our centerpieces.
  3. Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, Elegant historic residence located near Lake Bracciano has 3 large rooms, outside a garden with a stream
  4. Borgo della Merluzza, it is a perfect location for outdoor receptions for about 200 people, indoor rooms for 50 to 200 guests, surrounded by our unique centerpieces
  5. Casino dell’Aurora Pallavicini, It has three rooms, one central and two on the side, which can accommodate 240 guests, and the outdoor garden can seat up to 500 people
  6. Casale di Polline, It has a small church to celebrate weddings, a splendid panoramic position, on a hill that entirely dominates Lake Bracciano
  7. Castello della Spizzichina, From the year 1100 it is on the outskirts of Rome, it has a church for the wedding ceremony, large outdoor spaces and two internal rooms, we have decorated the church and centerpieces for the reception
  8. Castello di decima, It has three beautiful rooms that can accommodate from 60 to 200 seats, the exteriors with a central fountain are very beautiful, it has a small consecrated church that we have set up with unique floral decorations
  9. Castello di Torcrescenza,Not far from Corso Francia and Ponte Milvio, it offers many solutions thanks to the countless halls available.
  10. Castello di Torreimpietra, Religious weddings are celebrated in the main church, large open spaces, indoor rooms with 200/300 seats in an enchanting position, we have highlighted our centerpieces in martini cups
  11. Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano, Elegant rooms and enchanting gardens, the Castle offers an extraordinary variety of indoor and outdoor spaces TOP locations, we have taken care of the preparation of the church and the castle
  12.  Domus Borghese Located within the Veio Park, the park is the ideal setting for organizing weddings, a 150m disco, internal reception rooms
  13. Horti Sallustani, Imposing construction of the imperial age in the heart of Rome, it is among the most luxurious villas built in ancient Rome, Wonderful interiors and exteriors, we have created centerpieces in theme with the location
  14. Oltre il Giardino, Located on the Appia Way, it is an open space loft with a 12,000 square meter garden and a secret garden, large internal hall
  15. Villa Brasini, Fascinating location a stone's throw from Ponte Milvio, the breadth and versatility of the rooms makes it exclusive and suggestive, a centerpiece for unique events and vintage floral arrangements
  16. Palazzo Ferrajoli, In the center of Rome it has 6 rooms, each with different characteristics, the column room with a view of the Antonine column is very suggestive
  17. Palazzo Rospigliosi, In the heart of the historic center of Rome, in front of the Quirinale palace, it has 8 halls, all decorated and with valuable paintings.
  18. Palazzo Torlonia, This family's historic home is located in Via Bocca di Leone, between via Condotti and via Frattina, an excellent location for events and weddings
  19. Tenuta di Ripolo, A few kilometers from Rome, inside the Palazzo delle Feste, it has two twin halls hosting over 500 people, the Manor House has large outdoor spaces
  20. Tenuta dell’angelica,Elegant versatile environment, surrounded by nature! Large outdoor spaces, wedding room in tensile structure, highly customizable environments embellished with our decorative centerpieces
  21. Vigna di san Sebastiano, Located on the Via Appia Antica, it is a villa with various solutions, large outdoor areas for weddings and large rooms inside the TOP that we had the pleasure of setting up several times
  22. Villa Dino, Inside there is the Stained Glass Room with a wonderful view of the Park and the Roman Fountain, the Sala della Limonaia near the Lemon Garden, made more beautiful by our centerpieces and compositions
  23. Villa Giovannelli – Fogaccia, Exclusive location with 4 lounges and about 8 hectares of park, a lake with islet, all surrounded by Italian gardens, our beautiful centerpieces designed for this location
  24. Villa Aurelia, Located on the highest point of the Janiculum Hill, the villa has large spaces for outdoor weddings and finely furnished rooms to receive guests, chic environments embellished by our centerpieces
  25. Villa Miani,  The splendid garden and refined rooms will be the ideal setting for the fulfillment of your dream in the name of uniqueness and refinement
  26. Villa di Fiorano Roma,Historic house set in 4 hectares of garden adjacent to the Appia Antica Archaeological Park, a splendid garden and refined rooms
  27. Villa York Roma. In perfect English style, refined and welcoming, immersed in the quiet and green of the Baccano Valley. Large rooms and outdoor garden.
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