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Floral Arrangements for Weddings in Rome Villas

Are you about to get married and are you looking for a Floral Designer to help you choose your wedding floral arrangements in a villa in Rome? Would you like a personalized floral decoration in the church for your wedding in Rome? I am Paola Sardone and for about 27 years I have been dealing with floral arrangements and floral arrangements for weddings in the most beautiful villas and churches in Rome. Flowers are my passion, I love this job that I have always done with the same passion as the first day. Seeing happy spouses gratifies me and stimulates me to improve myself more and more. Over the years I have taken care of many decorations and floral arrangements for weddings in the villa and in the church, I was helpful to the spouses in choosing the flowers, recommending them based on their budget, choosing the type of flowers or recommending them based on the season. For the floral decorations of a villa and / or to set up a wedding in Rome, the flowers have different costs in reference to the season and their availability, this is why our Floral Designer is important, Paola will be able to guide and help you in choosing the most appropriate and available ones, but even in the case of unavailability Paola will be able to find the right solution by ordering the flowers on time directly in Holland and in a short time you will have your flowers to set up your wedding in one of the villas in Rome you have booked. Creating floral compositions is an art that is acquired over time and with a lot of experience, the love for flowers instead is not acquired over time but must be part of you, it is innate and lives within you, all this Paola has it, she has chosen this job to live his life in harmony with flowers, and today all this passion makes it available to future spouses helping them in the best choice to create fantastic floral decorations so that the floral arrangement is unique and customized for any villa you have chosen in Rome, Paola will be able to create a magical atmosphere with her floral decorations.

Paola for the future spouses has created a brief excursus for the decorations in the church and the floral arrangements for weddings in the villas in Rome:

•    Floral arrangement of the bride's front door (although not usual, sometimes the groom has also even him requested  the setting up of the door)
•    Floral arrangement to embellish the bride's house, very useful for the photo shoot
•    Floral arrangement for the bride's car
•    Decorations for the bride's car
•    Bridal Bouquet
•    Bridesmaids Bouquet
•    Corsage for bridesmaids
•    Throwing Bouquet for single friends if the bride wants to keep the original
•    Boutonniere for witnesses and relatives of both spouses
•    Flower arrangements for church wedding + Upholstery for kneeler + Upholstery for benches + support structures for flower arrangements
•    Small cones for throwing rice> be careful in many churches it is not allowed, ask first
•    Villa floral arrangements + Centerpiece compositions + flowers for the refreshment support tables + flowers for the corner of the favors + flowers for the cake

I hope this little guide of mine can help you with flower arrangements in church and floral arrangements for weddings in villas in Rome. For any advice and help I am at your disposal without obligation you can contact me at 3939698993 or on the contact form on the site, if you prefer to come to the shop in Via di Torrevecchia 1121 Rome, telephone booking is welcome.

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