Mother's Day

What flowers are given to Mother's Day in Rome

May is the month of the year with the most important anniversary there is, the one dedicated to one's mother. The Mother is the one who sacrificed her life by putting us into the World and who will follow us with Love in the various phases of Our life. If on this day you want to give her a gift for Mother's Day, find out on which are the Bouquets, the most loved and appreciated floral compositions or the favorite Plants, according to the season. Flowers speak a language that reaches straight to the Heart of a Mother.


The flowers Ideal for Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2022 in Rome this year is May 8. Wondering what are the ideal flowers to give on Mother's Day? Based on our thirty years of experience, here are some tips and a list of the most sought-after flowers for this party, from wonderful orchids to give in pots or fragrant colored bouquets. You can choose from our offers the one you prefer, to thank her for sacrificing herself for the family and in particular for looking after her children every day. Flowers are a wonderful thought to show her all our affection.

List of Flowers for Mother's Day.

• Red Roses: Unconditional love

• Pink roses: beauty, motherhood, gratitude

• Azalea: recalls the most important woman, one's mother. In this sense the azalea also represents the purest love

• Carnation: whites represent Pure love, deep red affection and Love

• Camelia: it is the symbol and wish for eternal beauty and Grace

• Dalia: symbol of admiration and gratitude

• Pansy: it is a flower associated with the most sincere love. Legend has it that by observing this flower it is possible to glimpse the face of the loved one.

• Orchid: symbol of elegance and perfection, testimony that the roots are strong

• Lily: symbol of loyalty, joy and pride

• Calla: symbol of pure and uncontaminated beauty, delicate and refined, sincere admiration

• Tulips: symbol of attention, affection and good omen, true love made of purity


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