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Send Flowers for Mourning to Rome


Choosing the right flowers for a sudden bereavement is always difficult. Even more difficult is how to send mourning flowers to Rome to pay your condolences to the family of the deceased while staying in another city. With Fiori Roma you can send flowers for mourning all over the capital, and you also have a wide choice of flowers that make it easier for you to buy. We have carefully selected for you the most beautiful compositions of Flowers for Mourning that you can send to express your condolences, you can choose them and buy them online from the comfort of your home on our site. We provide a home delivery service throughout Rome both at home and in the church!


Price of a Pillow of Flowers for Mourning in Rome


Are you wondering how much it costs to send a funeral flower pillow to Rome? The price is determined by the type of flowers and the quantity entered. The price of a flower pillow for mourning with mixed flowers can cost from 100 euros upwards, while the price of a flower pillow for mourning with only red roses can cost more than 200 euros. To guide you in your purchase, we have created cushions with different types of flowers and various price options that you can choose carefully by visiting our website in the funeral section.


Bouquet of Flowers for Funeral in Rome


On the occasion of the loss of a family member or loved one, the need arises to participate in the pain of the family to send your condolences, you can do it by sending a bouquet of flowers to the funeral. Choose from our compositions the one you want to send, among the ones you like best, we will deliver it for you at the time of the funeral throughout Rome!

Not sure which flowers to bring to a funeral? Don't worry, we'll help you. If the deceased is a very young person it is customary to wear White Flowers while the closest relatives use to bring red flowers such as Red Roses, Anthuriums, friends and acquaintances usually choose mixed flowers.

In these sad situations due to the loss of family members, grandparents, uncles, children, friends or colleagues, words can sometimes seem superfluous, but in these moments it is important to be present even with only small gestures. Like sending a Flower Pillow for the funeral, or a bunch of flowers to deliver at the funeral ceremony, you can also attach a card where you can express your heartfelt condolences, this will surely alleviate the pain of the Family.

If you have known the deceased deeply and you know which were his favorite flowers, you can buy them online on our site in the Flowers for Mourning section and in this discreet way you can communicate all your pain. This can surely please the family, knowing that the deceased loved one is at the center of your thoughts. Flowers have always been the most appreciated gift!


Discover now our wide selection of Flowers for Mourning to Rome


We have selected for you our best offers of funeral flowers at the most advantageous prices in Rome. In our funeral section you will find different types of flowers suitable for every need and for every taste. Discover now our funeral pillow of white and yellow flowers € 125, or the funeral heart of white flowers € 98, look for our funeral pillow of red roses and white flowers € 145 and choose to buy it conveniently online. As you can see, you can send your condolences to the relatives of the deceased thanks to our Home Delivery service throughout Rome!

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