Flowers for Rome Degree

Find out with us why they give themselves flowers and crowns for graduation in Rome!

In this article you will find curiosities and tips for giving flowers and laurel wreaths in Rome!

Exams never end as Edoardo de Filippo said! Life is made up of goals to be reached with so much effort and limits to overcome. The big day has finally arrived.
To celebrate the graduation of a loved one or a friend, you can give them flowers and a crown to frame this very important day. Among the curiosities about the use of laurel wreaths the meaning dates back to past times even to the Greek era where a laurel wreath adorned the forehead of the winners who excelled in the Pythian or Delphic Games, later in Roman times there was the custom to surround their heads with a laurel wreath the glorious generals victorious in battle, in later times even famous poets such as Dante Alighieri were invested with a laurel wreath. Nowadays, the custom of giving a laurel wreath has remained, destined for those who finish university courses to which they then correspond to academic qualifications, namely the Doctorate. If you liked this short article, we invite you to visit our site where you will find a wide range of flowers and crowns for graduation. You can request home delivery at home or at one of the universities in Rome.

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